Can Rolex and Panerai than?

Rolex and Panerai are now very loved watch brand, more people said Laopei a pro, many people also love love Panerai Rolex, replica watches uk and love people is also favored by panerai. But even there will be comparison between brothers and sisters, so some people still ask: can Rolex and Panerai than? Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and one brand If rolex replica is one hundred years can be regarded as an upstart family, panerai. Although Panerai was founded in 1860, seemingly than Rolex was founded in 1905 to early, but Panerai can only be said to be a watch, but can not be said to be the tab. To a war, Italy Royal Navy uses sophisticated equipment and watches Panerai production, this is the Panerai although can produce their own case, but it is with Rolex's core. Panerai real spread or the Richemont group was included in the 1997, it for the first time in the international market launch Panerai mechanical automatic chain professional diving table, double time zone watch and can display the dynamic movement of the residual energy storage table. At this point, to become a member of the senior Panerai tab in the market. Rolex is not the same, it is not only famous earlier, but also in the history of the development of the watch also occupies an important position. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and two Popularity To say the popularity of Rolex and Rolex in China Panerai, undisputed victory Panerai, but when it comes to the world, but some people think Rolex is more famous than Panerai, Xiao Bian think this is too one-sided. Yes, Rolex is in the East as the main market, but this is not to say that it was not welcome in the west, many Western politicians or celebrities are wearing Rolex film stars, we are not unfamiliar with the 007, he was wearing a Rolex in a OMEGA before. After all, Rolex has long been famous as the upstart, Panerai there are still some gaps in the well-known. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and three style Rolex solemn, practical, not flashy style has been respected, and the precision and durability make Rolex outstanding value, Rolex's "fuck" is famous all over the world. Rolex enthusiasts often use a word to describe Rolex: a "fatigue" wing Yi, the perfect description of its durable properties. The main style of Panerai is a word: big! The very large dial Panerai nowadays some table friends favored the poisoning. Rolex and Panerai watches are very classic, so many years have not changed, but the classic design of Rolex is more universal, a replica of the (fake watch not). Although in the eyes of the public, Rolex is the most well-known high-end watch brand, but you really wear a Rolex, but not many people know, especially Rolex sports table. In contrast, the classic design of the Panerai is more special, really out of the ordinary, very recognizable, we can recognize. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and four Marketing I believe many people know, love to do a limited edition Panerai, a new appearance, slightly modified, it is a hot. Rolex is basically not to do limited, model changes, a model can be done for a long time, still sell well. Panerai hunger marketing is undoubtedly a success, but also some criticism. Is a senior collectors at first announced the issuance of 500 critical Panerai gold products, be rather baffling amplification to 1000. Is not really can not be verified, but the marketing is indeed a double-edged sword, to grasp the degree". Take replica watches, its success and its marketing tied up, so many people talked about the first wearing Rolex oyster watch across the English Channel success miracle later confirmed Rolex marketing operation inside. It is said that after the news release, Hans in the Rolex store Rolex to put in the tank, water quality in order to prove that Rolex. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and five Secondhand market Rolex because the basic function, dedicated to watch such as waterproof, precision and stability, in the absence of a Motuo flywheel, three Q and other top complex functions under the condition of the tabulation community created a legendary brand, and whether it is in the primary market, or the market in two, the transaction price is relatively strong and this is to let a lot of Rolex fans relish place. Rolex also has a legend is its production is very high, but it is still a frequent auction site. Also, although some people say that it is like Panerai goods, in the secondary market price is also strong. Of course, the Pei recognized degree than work, sometimes even when Rolex hard currency, this is also a lot of other brand Panerai to do. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and six product Compared to the Rolex product line, Panerai is slightly monotonous. One is is senior sports watch brand, no formal table. A friend said, Rolex is not no purely formal form? But that is clearly not the case, Rolex really has a series of products dedicated to the production of standard dress table, and the name is also very literary, Cerini series. In addition, Panerai no female form, but it still has some female friends of all ages. Now, the men and women wearing is not what strange things, Xiaobian remember like Na Ying wearing a Rolex submariner, Ruby Lin also has a Rolex daytona. Can Rolex and Panerai than? This problem let Xiaobian answer, is whether Rolex is less than Panerai in quality or even historical awareness, but Panerai style in the design really become an independent school